Lower Saxony


Fish – not only from the sea

Fish – not only from the sea

Specialities from the north

Delicious fish, freshly caught and onto the plate – a delicacy which is not only offered close to the coast of Lower Saxony. While the guest enjoys plaice, flounder and co. at this location, fish specialities can also be found in other regions all around the Elbe, Weser, Jade and Ems debouchures.

The Steinhuder Meer and the Zwischenahner Meer are part of the best known eel estuaries. Trouts feel at home in the well waters and the small rivers of the Harz mountains with plenty of oxigen. Whether “blue” from the brew, baked, pickled or smoked – the restaurants of the region offer sprout prepared in all kinds of ways. The Harz mountains do not only provide ideal living conditions for sprout. Venison, which is just as delicious, originates from the local woods.