Lower Saxony


Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens

The crunch of gravel underfoot and delightful flowery scents all around – Lower Saxony’s garden treasures are sure to enchant you. The best way to enjoy the colourful floral splendour, set off against the lush green lawns, is a long, leisurely walk that may also take you past antique statues and romantic ponds. Even today, the charm of bygone days can be experienced in the wonderful gardens: the lordly residences are girdled by ancient ornamental and display gardens, the grounds of monastery and medieval castle gardens. The rulers of Lower Saxony vied with Louis XIV, the Sun King, by emulating his famous Gardens of Versailles. Gardens have been used as places of rest and leisure for many centuries. Poetry was composed in secluded pavilions and many a romance unfolded in the winding paths of the labyrinths. Gain an impression of festive courtly culture at a concert, a theatre performance or at the garden festivals that are regularly held in these green jewels.

Aerial View Pyrmont Castle

Bad Pyrmont Spa Gardens

A jewel in Weserbergland
Golden Gate at the Herrenhausen gardens in Hannover

Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

Baroque splendour and botanical treasures
Wooden bridge in the castle park Lütetsburg

Castle Park Lütetsburg

More than nature
Emsflower in Emsbüren

Floral fascination

"Root" of relaxation