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The seaport and inland port

Papenburg is the oldest and longest fenland colony (moorland settlement) in Germany, and was founded in Dutch style by Dietrich von Velen. Papenburg is known for its fantastic cruise liners, which are built in the well-known MEYER WERFT shipyard and transported along the Ems river to the North Sea in front of thousands of spectators. The view inside the shipbuilding dock of the MEYER WERFT shipyard is spectacular! The bascule and swing bridges, which are often adorned with flowers, and the historic vessels along the long canals make the cityscape a must-see. Altenkamp Manor, Meyer’s Mill and the Von Velen Museum line the many cycle routes that intersect in Papenburg in front of the old town hall and the Friederike brig. Haren is also a shipping town. Haren shipowners operate 300 seafaring vessels and 50 inland waterway vessels. Not far from the idyllically located maritime museum containing the punt boat Helene, the passenger ship Amisia sails along the Ems river. Sports and hobby captains navigate the Haren Rütenbrock Canal to the Netherlands. A must-see for visitors to Haren: the cathedral, the mill museum and the Dankern Castle Holiday Centre.

Papenburg - In the "Zeitspeicher" visitors experience the city's history

Papenburger Zeitspeicher

The interactive visitor centre in Papenburg
Aerial view of the Meyer Werft


The cradle of dream boats

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