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Welcoming, likeable and cosmopolitan, honest, authentic and tradition conscious: With a population of more than 160 000, an energetic commercial sector and a unique cultural site, Oldenburg is a modern university city and Germany's City of Science 2009. The city is the cultural and administrative hub of North West Germany.
The variety and splendour of the architecture is what catches the eye. Its silhouette is characterised by elegant residential areas, a small city harbour and obviously the imposing castle. Additionally a varied theatre scene with the imposing state theatre permeates Oldenburg’s cultural landscape. You will also enjoy charming, vibrant, colourful market-style and varied gastronomic shopping experience, because aside from the big world of shopping and exclusive fashion boutiques, there are the romantic alleys with charming shops that turn Oldenburg into an excellent shopping destination.

red curtain in the theater in Oldenburg

Culture in Oldenburg

Culture in the "Übermorgenstadt"
the curly kale academy

Culinary Oldenburg

Culinary delights in the capitol of kale
Classicism in Oldenburg

Neoclassicism in Oldenburg

Shopping in Oldenburg

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