Lower Saxony


Lower Saxony Asparagus Route

Lower Saxony Asparagus Route

"Niedersächsische Spargelstraße"

  • Length: 750 kilometres

The Lower Saxony Asparagus Route is a must for every visitor - over its 750 kilometre length it links the most important cultivation areas of the "white gold", as white asparagus is known here. Although this regal vegetable is only cut between the end of April and the end of June (Midsummer's Day), the asparagus fields dominate the landscape from the beginning of March. The asparagus plants, with their red berries, can be seen right up to the end of September. Whether served with hollandaise sauce or melted butter and ham is a matter of taste. As is the debate about the best asparagus of the region. Indeed 20 percent of the entire German harvest is produced in Lower Saxony.

Asparagus contains protein, roughage, vitamins and minerals. Very healthy! The citizens of Nienburg even elect their own asparagus queen. The harvest is a particularly interesting time, when the asparagus is cut, sold, and offered for consumption in numerous variations in restaurants. Take a trip along the asparagus route, starting in Burgdorf near Hanover, in the month of May, and buy some fresh asparagus!


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