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The Pied Piper and river cruises on the Weser

Hameln, the pearl of the region Weserbergland and home of the mysterious legend of the Pied Piper, is located roughly 45 kilometres to the south of Hannover. The town, which has a population of 10,000, is immediately captivating with its fascinating architecture, strange history and charming countryside. A stroll through the town centre is an attraction in itself. Even better: take a seat in one of the street cafés and marvel at the unusual architecture while sipping a cup of coffee. Architecture fans call Hameln’s historical old town the jewel of the Weser-Renaissance, although visitors may find that more of the stone monuments recount the story of the city’s legendary Pied Piper. For example the Rat Catcher’s House, dating back to 1602, with its inscription that tells the tale of the children’s disappearance – possibly the most famous event in the town’s history. In 1284 it is said that 130 children from Hameln disappeared mysteriously and without a trace. Everywhere in Hameln – and not only in the town’s lovely and informative museum – you will come across this unusual character: the legend of the Pied Piper remains very much alive.

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