Lower Saxony


East Frisian Islands

East Frisian Islands

Seven times different holidays

The final frontier, and fascinating natural landscapes with a unique flora and fauna, healthy air and sandy beaches. You can relax: Welcome to the East Frisian Islands, where recovery already starts on arrival. This island chain, that is part of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, extends over ninety kilometres off the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony and is a recommended destination for holidays in Lower Saxony throughout the year. Whether with family, with friends or your partner, whether seeking recuperation, are a sports enthusiast or interested in nature: the North Sea Islands offer the perfect holiday for every program. No exhaust emmissions, no honking, and no engine noises - you will experience a holiday of a special kind, as, with the exception of Borkum and Norderney, the East Frisian Islands are car-free.

Norderney, Langeoog, Borkum, Juist, Wangerooge, Spiekeroog and Baltrum have many similarities. However, they also have so many differences. Each island exudes its own individual charm. You can find out here in more detail what each islands especially has to offer with regard to experiences and information on accommodation, events and ferry services. And if you really cannot decide on one particular East Frisian Island, the hotel will recommend island hopping.


The island for life

The car-free island of Langeoog with its North Sea climate is ideal for an exciting vacation. read more

Strandzelte auf Borkum


North Sea Island with an open sea climate

The island of Borkum is the westernmost and largest of the seven East Frisian Islands. read more

Typisches Häuschen auf Juist


Whoever comes here will be enchanted

As if the stress of everyday life is "spirited away". read more

Wangerooger Leuchtturm


Relaxation is an Island

Untouched nature and numerous health treatments guarantee relaxation and recreation. read more

Inselkirche auf Spiekeroog


The “Green Island” of the North Sea

Small forests with rich flora and fauna, vast salt marshes, and the 14 km long sandy beach awaits your discovery. read more

Strandleben auf Baltrum


The Sleeping Beauty of the North Sea

The smallest of the East Frisian Islands is well known as "the Island of short distances". read more

Badewagen auf Norderney


The Thalasso Island

Norderney is the second largest of the East Frisian Islands and is located in the northwest of Lower Saxony just off the North Sea coast. read more