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The ducal town of Celle

The ducal town of Celle

Picturesque – Historic – Vibrant

Celle is multifaceted
Celle effortless bridges this gap between tradition and modernity. Almost 500 meticulously restored and listed half-timbered buildings form the biggest cohesive ensemble of its kind in Europe. The Old Town with its castle, the Hoppener Haus – one of the most impressive timber-framed buildings in the town – and the imposing, 19th-century red-brick New Town Hall bear witness to five-hundred years of eventful town history.

Celle is dynamic
Yet the picturesque backdrop of this 700-year-old town, once the royal seat of the House of Hanover, is only one side of Celle. Every year, around two million visitors experience a modern, open-minded and vibrant town with international flair. Celle is home to people from over 110 countries, all of whom have made their cultural mark here. With its mix of museums, theatres, music festivals, galleries and street fairs, Celle is a truly diverse and dynamic town.

Whatever you decide to do and see:
Celle is worth a visit!

Ducal palace in Celle

Celle Castle

A mélange of Renaissance and Baroque
View of the Bomann museum in Celle

Bomann Museum Celle

An introduction to the history of the town and ...
Audience chamber in the castle of Celle

Museum of the royal capitol in Celle Castle

History of the Kingdom of Hanover

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