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Braunschweig - City of the Guelphs

With a population of around 250,000 it is the biggest city between Hannover and Berlin. Guelph Duke Henry the Lion made Braunschweig his royal capital in the 12th century and turned it into a powerful trade centre.

The city founded by Duke Henry the Lion has much to offer both as a tradition rich and modern-day big city metropolis: Historical attractions and authentic city quarters, contemporary architecture, a vibrant cultural scene, an extensive sport and leisure repertoire, as well as expansive parks and natural landscapes. The historico cultural museums as well as the impressive architecture replete with history bear testimony to a history going back more than a thousand years and which characterises the cityscape.

Among the many attractions is the Ducal Palace or Braunschweig Residenzschloss. It has served as the platform for Europe’s biggest quadriga since 2008. Its visitor viewing point makes for a unique view of Braunschweig’s inner city, which can almost be completely circumnavigated by boat on the River Oker.

Quadriga at the residential palace Brunswick

Brunswick City Culture

Historical highlights in the City of the Guelphs
Residential palace in Brunswick

Brunswick Castle

Guelph Palace, known as the Residenzschloss
Golden-headed lion tamarin in the Brunswick Zoo

Brunswick Zoo

"World Tour" through the fauna
Castle Square in Brunswick

3D views of Brunswick

Panoramas from the Lion City
Skoda-pavillion in the Autostadt Wolfsburg


Take a journey through time in the Brunswick ...

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